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Parking/Unloading Procedures

Parking/Unloading Procedures

Drivers and students can create dangerous situations in the Mohr loading/unloading area before and after school. Walking between cars is absolutely prohibited at any time. This is extremely dangerous, especially when a student dashes through the loading area to be picked up by a private vehicle.

Students may be picked up at the side and back exits to eliminate some traffic problems. Students can be picked up at 2:55 instead of 2:50 to help eliminate long lines and traffic congestion.

Please follow these rules as you pick up your child:

  • Keep traffic flowing. Pick up your child at curb areas only!
  • DO NOT leave your car unattended unless it is parked in a stall or in the designated area of our parking lot.
  • Please do not block driveways. The police department will cite drivers of cars blocking the driveway.

Important Reminder: We encourage walking,bike riding and car pools. The Parent Safety Traffic Committee will share information regarding this program. Please contact the School Office for more information.