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Soar at Mohr! 

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Henry P. Mohr Elementary School is committed to fostering growth and educating the whole child for the 21st century. We believe that in order to compete in a globally diverse and dynamic environment, students at Mohr require 21st century skills to adapt and change with the demands of the world around us.  Since our school opened in 1997, the staff, students, and community continue to realize the unique opportunity to develop an innovative school that would promote exceptional learning for all students.

Located in the northeastern region of Pleasanton the school has an enrollment of approximately 619 students in transitional kindergarten through fifth grade.  The staff consists of  25 certificated teachers, 11 specialists, 3 aides, and 12 additional support staff members.  Most students attending the school come from families established in the surrounding neighborhood.  22.8% of the student population are English Learners.  The ethnic makeup of the student population is 71.2% Asian, 20.4% White, 4.2% Hispanic, and 4.2% of other ethnicities.  Approximately 9.7% are students in Special Education and 5.7% of the students are Socio-economically disadvantaged.  The school has a diverse cultural and ethnic make-up.  

Mohr features a strong commitment to character building in our community of learners. Our staff regularly collaborates and explores innovative instructional methods that make challenging material accessible to all students.  We continue to develop and build upon partnerships with our parent community with 61% of parents as members of the PTA. The primary theme at Mohr includes maintaining a growth versus fixed mindset with a focus on communication, collaboration creativity, and innovation.